I know what it feels like to have a longing, a desire, a knowing that you’ve been put on Earth for a specific reason, that there is a mission. I know what it feels like to have a sense of duty. 

I know what it feels like to hold all of this inside while simultaneously not knowing what that mission is and because of that, feeling like I’m failing, not living up, or just being lazy in this lifetime. 

You feel confused and directionless.

You're  concerned that you're not *doing enough*.

You've tried to find answers through multiple modalities,

But nothing seems to show you what you're looking for...

But you're ready to discover your mission and you're ready to begin living it!

Like you, I wanted answers. I wanted to know why I was here. I wanted to know what my great mission is.

Through the wisdom held within Astrology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records, I found my answers.

Through my work of understanding myself and my mission, I now know that my role in this lifetime is to guide multidimensional beings like you to their soul mission.

Are you ready to discover your Soul's Mission?


But what are the details?

75-Minute Zoom meeting
Recording is highly encouraged
We will discuss your Astrology and Human Design
Your Akashic Records will be accessed prior to the session

Soul Mission Sessions

for multidimensional beings

Hi there, beautiful soul. I'm Alexandria. Like many others, I have spent my entire life trying to understand myself and why the hell I'm here on this planet. This is probably why I gravitated to Astrology in the first place. I'm very happy to report that I've found what I've been looking for all along, and I can't wait to bring that same knowing to you!
There's one caveat I'd like to bring to your attention before you commit to this session, though. The idea that we have ONE purpose or mission is actually a misnomer. Whatever you are doing right in this moment is your purpose in this Now. Yes, there is an overarching direction or focus to our lives and that's what this session is designed to show you. However, it is crucial that you do not become so attached to the insights in this session that you completely disregard the beauty and sanctity that already exists in your life right Now.
You already have an inner knowing that you're made for more...



So excited to meet you!

These are seriously my favorite sessions to offer! I get so much joy out of seeing my clients' faces when they begin to discover what they're here to do. As the realization sets in, it's so inspiring to see my clients glow and own up to what they've committed to before they incarnated on this Earth.