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Intuitive Guidance - Beta Pricing

Beta Pricing is offered to the first 5 clients. After these 5 sessions have been completed, the price will increase to $555.

After a few years of offering Astrology and Human Design readings, and Business Alignment Guidance, it is time to shed my self-imposed restrictions and offer a more expansive session.

The Intuitive Guidance Session is for anyone who feels they need guidance in their life and/or business but do not have a preference for tools, lineage teachings, or in general, the way that a solution reveals itself. 

This session is a love letter from my heart to yours. We can use our time together to discuss or address whatever is on your mind, heart, or soul.

I am prepared to lead you through any of the following:

  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Becoming a person who feels more
  • Allowing yourself to be fully YOU
  • Saturn Return navigation
  • Syncing up with your mission in this life
  • Feeling purposeful
  • Trusting yourself
  • Self-confidence and what makes you special

In full transparency, these are the things that I'm constantly learning about and being forced into stronger and stronger levels of integrity. In a sense, this is a list of my life lessons and my life's work, so far. 

Logistics & Notes:

  • 60 - min session held on Zoom
  • Recording is welcomed, encouraged, but quality is not promised. If there are connection difficulties, we may reschedule with no additional cost.
  • Tools at my disposal: Projector sight, Astrology, Human Design, the Akashic Records, Tarot, life experience. If I am called to reference the Records, it will be done as preparation for our session, but the Records will not be accessed in our session. 
  • This session comes with a private client portal where you will be able to book your session.
  • In this portal, you will find a Welcome Questionnaire. Please have this Questionnaire completed at least 48 hours in advance of your session.
  • After our time together, you will receive detailed follow-up which can include a summary of our time, suggestions on how to move forward, chart analysis, resources, or accountability.
  • I am VERY committed to giving you a stellar experience, but as a beta tester, you are agreeing to receiving a service that is figuring out its kinks. You are also agreeing to submitting detailed feedback after all services have been provided. 

As a beta tester, I am happy to gift you the new Tapping In: The Truth About Intuition pdf for free. After you complete your purchase of this session, you will be redirected to a download page to claim your gift. (Already purchased the pdf? Email me at [email protected] and we will find a replacement gift.) 

$275.00 USD

This session is in no way a replacement for any sort of professional services, such as legal, financial, medical, psychiatric, or otherwise. 

This session is not psychic in nature and should not be treated as such. Alexandria Rollet will not and cannot tell you your future, make your problems go away, or "activate your gifts for you".

There are no refunds. 

As a beta tester, you agree to submit feedback after all services have been rendered. You also consent to this service being imperfect and recognize that as a beta tester, although you will receive the best service possible, an additional role of yours is to aid Alexandria in making this service better.

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